Recent News & Updates

Server Upgrade 6/04/2013 v1.34 Beta
We are back! Added AmEx & Other payment options. Some small enhancements and moved to more stable, faster server.

Customer CC Email 2/17/2012 v1.33 Alpha
Added ability to add an extra email to your customers. CC Email (Carbon Copy) allows sending a copy of any customer email sent. You can find this new feature under customer edit.

Bug Fix 2/13/2012 v1.3294 Alpha
Fixed invoice due date bug on edit. Also made enhancements and tweaks to internal invoice engine.

Settings Fix 2/6/2012 v1.3292 Alpha
Bug causing save errors under your company and invoice settings is now fixed.

Invoice Emails 2/2/2012 v1.3291 Alpha
Emailed Invoices from address is now appears as your company email. Fixed several small layout issues.

Reports Overhaul 1/26/2012 v1.329 Alpha
Added ability to export reports to CSV/Excel format. Cleaned up overall look and feel of reports. Added report reset button.

Default Shipping Address 1/20/2012 v1.328 Alpha
Can now add default shipping address to customers. Enhanced add and edit customer views. Also fixed small sort product display bug.

Tiny Fix 1/17/2012 v1.3272 Alpha
Repaired email copy of invoice to yourself bug and fixed a few small statement issues.

Little Patch 1/15/2012 v1.3271 Alpha
Fixed several small layout issues. Added ability to send a copy of emailed invoices to yourself.

Added PayPal Help 1/13/2012 v1.327 Alpha
Added basic PayPal help page. Video coming soon. Also fixed email requirements and enhanced help support emails. Updated terms and services.

Small Patch 1/10/2012 v1.3261 Alpha
Fixed a few minor issues with invoice layouts, statement reports and email validation.

Enhancements 1/6/2012 v1.326 Alpha
Cleaned up payment emails and added link to view original invoice for your customers. Added ability to auto-email payments when you accept them. Also fixed some misc layout issues.

New Features 1/3/2012 v1.3251 Alpha
Added ability to auto email recurring invoices. Enhanced invoice email template. Changes and improvements to settings control panel.

New Features 12/29/2011 v1.324 Alpha
Added ability to charge by the hour. You can now mark invoice as sent manually without actually emailing the invoice. Fixed statement report layout bug.

Layout Enhancements 12/27/2011 v1.323 Alpha
Several small layout enhancements.

Statement Reports 12/17/2011 v1.322 Alpha
Added ability to filter statements by date and email results to customer. Enhancements to email templates and default sales reports.

Recuring Help 12/16/2011 v1.32 Alpha
Added recuring invoices help section. Fixed recuring invoice create redirect.

New Feature 12/15/2011 v1.316 Alpha
Added ablitiy to customize invoice email template. Also cleaned up some layout issues and made some tweaks to new recurring invoice engine.

Quick Fix 12/13/2011 v1.315 Alpha
Decimals now line up better on invoice view. Fixed product tax edit bug.

New Fix 12/12/2011 1.314 Alpha
Major enhancements to recurring invoices engine. Now very stable and solid.

New Updates 12/7/2011 1.313 Alpha

  • Many layout fixes
  • Fixed many small issues with server upgrade
  • Enhanced email system

Big Release 12/3/2011 1.312 Alpha

  • Enhanced PayPal, payments now recorded instantly
  • Added auto login on signup
  • Added invoices filter by company
  • Added small date on recent activity
  • Fixed invoice copy sent bug
  • Enhanced customer list
  • Added invoice help video
  • Added drip email system

New Server Deployed 12/2/2011 1.311 Alpha

Switched to new faster server. Please let us know what you think. Hope you enjoy!

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