How to create a recurring invoice

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Put your invoices on cruise control
Send the same invoice every week, month, or year with recuring invoices.

Creating a recurring invoices is just like creating a normal invoice with one major difference. At the bottom of create invoice, under the save button, there is a recuring checkbox...

You then select how often you want it to run...

Based on days:
  • 1 Week - Runs every seven (7) days
  • 2 Weeks - Every fourteen (14) days
  • 4 Weeks - Every fourteen (28) days

Based on calendar:
  • Weekly - Runs every Monday.
  • Monthly - Runs the first of the month.
  • Yearly - Runs first day of the year.

Auto Email
This box is checked by default. This will automatically email your recurring invoice when it gets created.

All recurring invoices will automatically create the first invoice then wait to the appropriate time to run it again based on what you selected.
List Recurring
Show all your current recurring invoices

Create New
Create a new recurring invoice